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I can tell you Swole's stuff is legit. I am just finishing up his Swolegenix program and, let me tell you, IT WORKS!

I decided to consult w/ Swole b/c I saw what he did w/ CT. Plus, I was coming off the Velocity Diet and did not want to gain back any weight when I went back to solid foods.

Using his program, not only did I not gain back any fat, I actually kept losing it. This was amazing because coming off the V-diet, every day seemed like a cheat day. Swole offers a great service that I'd highly recommend.


if anyone is questioning his legitimacy, i'd suggest you go to some of the forums where he is a mod or a member. a very insightful and knowledgeable guy. i've never used his programs, but looking at the testimonials and pics of people who have (posted on his site) it is obvious that they produce results. his own physique speaks for itself.

note: i'm not nuthugging. just stating observations.


Yeah, same here. Dave Tate once said, "If it works, then the people have a right to know." Couldn't agree more.


Yeah I'm currently doing a "leaning out" phase under him. He knows his stuff... :slight_smile:


How do you guys choose whom to work with? There are some many great coaches out there Berardi, Davies, Mahler and Hale, how do you make one stand above the rest?


Swole (Chris Janusz) actually creates an individualized program for you. He creates a diet plan as well as training parameters. He also has his own forums on which he'll answer questions for those who sign up with him. He will respond via e-mail as well. The fee is $200. I can't speak to exactly how individualized the program is. I've never done it. (maybe some of the first posters will give more details). But I've known a lot of people extremely happy with the program; they kept all their muscle and lost the fat they wanted.

I'm not sure what kind of programs Berardi, Davies, Mahler, or Hale offer beyond their general advice. Which is clearly top notch.


His services sounded the best. CT's results speak for themselves.

What you do is, get in touch w/ him. He'll ask you certain to send him your height, age, weight and goals. He mails you a program based on the above specs. From there you go with what he gave you and he's available 24/7 for that month help you customize it.

Good stuff