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swole v2

Anyone use swole or swole v2, the supposed “solution to creatine non-responders”?

I’ve heard very positive things, but it’s too exensive for my blood. If you can afford it, I’d go for it.

Why doesn’t Biotest make any creatine products?

Its not that expensive, about 27 bucks for 2 months of servings.

Um… 60 servings for 28 bucks. 2 servings a day. That’s about a buck a day, or $30/month. I guess if you took 1/2 the reccomended dosage… but then you sort of lose all guarentee it will work like it’s supposed to.


In Biotest’s mission statement or someplace like that, I read that they don’t want to be just another brand name on stuff that others make (and make well).

They’re looking to be the pioneers of the supplement industry and that means looking forward not back (at “old” stuff like creatine).