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Swole Sisters


I did the basic and advanced search for this and it looks like it has not been posted. Enjoy!



Every video on their channel is worth watching



I am glad it posted, I tried several different times and I was getting the 504 error.






I thought this was gonna be more like http://dirtymuscle.com/ .

(NSFW, but I would hope that would be obvious.)


I was honestly expecting a parody of that song "Hey Soul Sister" this was just as good lol.


"Beard, Gear, or Gut" done at EFS's last UGSS by the Swole Patrol is also quite amusing.




Those were some of the nastiest pictures i have ever seen... holy shit


there were a couple that were alright, but the majority were nasty


Don't judge. Enough people are getting off to it to justify a pay site.

Once upon a time I would have said, "Not for me." But now...

Not till I'm a twelve pack deep.


Fuck that, some of those models are post op.


See? Rough patch.


Those "women's" vaginas are the rough patches.