Swole.me Site

Figured I’d try to contribute something to you guys.

I found this really awesome website a while back that randomizes meals for you based on your current foodstores and macronutrient ratio requirements for the entire day. Figured some of you guys might be interested:

I don’t use it because you can’t customize and/or create your own foods, but it’s certainly a great tool for a healthy dieter or somebody that needs to be precise with what they eat.

Very awesome.
Thanks for that

+1 That’s pretty cool.

if memory serves, a forum user developed this site. can’t remember who it was for the life of me. +2

Yea it’s buried a couple pages back I think.

It’s been around for quite awhile.

PapaBear developed that neat site.


Thanks for the shout out guys!

I’m working on making some serious updates to the site atm - hopefully they’re only a few weeks out. It’ll include a 5000+ food database (should still be easily navigable) and custom foods, and some changes to how you choose foods. Recipes should come soon after that.

Wow this is great. I will be using this for sure. thanks!!