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Swole, Inspired by Layers


Tried to start a log once. I Quit. It is time to start it up again and contribute.

Background: I'm 24 now. I was on the football and wrestling teams in high school, and competed in Olympic lifting for a bit. At 94 kilos I snatched 107.5 kilos, clean and jerked 130 kilos, and front squatted 350 lbs. I gave up Olympic lifting due to my limited access to coaching. I realized that without a constant eye, I would unconsciously deviate from proper form and shoot myself in the foot. Not only would I fail to make progress, I would regress. It's a bit of a shame, as I naturally have much better explosive power than slower, powerlifting style strength, but c'est la vie.

Stats: 6'1", 201 lbs, down from 215 a few months back. I don't have a cool enough shoe with which to ascertain my bodyfat.
Bench: 265, but basing current work off of 230
OHP: 165
Trap Bar Dead:435
Weighted Pullup: 57, but I'm not putting too much creedence into this, as there's no point to loading these up super heavy and getting nothing out of them

Training Style/Goals: Right now I'm kind of in cruise mode with lifting. I have my first job out of college (took two years off between high school and college), and I'm developing a side gig (gotta get dat antifragile state of being), as well as emphasizing reading and writing. So, even though I love to lift, it is not my main focus right now. I want to keep gaining strength, and slowly lean out to around 190, but I'm not in a rush.

I pretty much follow Thibs easy hardgainer plan, I think he describes in in this thread http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding_thibaudeau/easyhard_gainer?id=5815002&pageNo=0

But, basically
1. Explosive jumps, maybe some hang snatch
2.Ramp (I use 5/3/1 percentages for this, as if left to my own devices, I will go too heavy and burn out, or be too conservative and not push myself enough)
3. Density, 30 reps at 80% in a 10 min limit or whatever
4. Loaded carries
5. (Optional) Pullups, Bit of beach work, short 5-10 min wod style session.

I go for an easy-moderate run once a week, and usually do a hot yoga session too.

Last few sessions:

Ramp to 195 x 5

Density, 155 x 10,8,8,6,6,5,6 in 10:55

2 Sets of 53 kb goblet walks, one min crunches in between

Pullups, 3 sets one short of failure, minute rest

Thursday: Trap Bar
370 x 5

Density, 285 x 10,6,8,5,5 in 8:45

2 sets GHR
pullup ladder

Friday:Back and Bis: (I won't have blocks to do high pulls, so lately I've just been doing hang cleans, then traditional bb back work)
Hang cleans, up to 75 kilos x 3
Pullups: up to 53 x 5, one body weight set
T bars w/ v handle up to 3 25lb plates plus 10lbs, 2 sets x 8-12, drop sets all the way down
kayak rows: up to 70 x 8 each side, transition to straight arm pulldowns, drop down
curls: some shit
tabata kb swings, 40 lb bell, too easy. Will go heavier next time

Saturday: Whatever the hell I want day
Hang snatch 60 x 3 a bunch, 65 x 3, 70 x 2, 75 x 2
Hang clean and power jek: up to 80 I think (all in kilos)
Farmer walks: 150 ft trips with up to 140 lbs in each hand, 75 feet with 170 in each hand
Ab wheel
Went for a run in the PM

Peri workout consists of gatorade powder pre, whey post. I also take fish oil, and magnesium before bed.

I'm moving today, and starting work tomorrow, so I'll probably make up some shit at the crappy apartment gym for a week or so until I pick a new gym.


Haven’t forgotten about this. I decided to take the whole week off when I moved. Finances are super tight for the next few weeks, so I’m going to have to improvise with the equipment in the apartment complex. It’s not too bad, they have dumbbells, weight machines, and cardio machines. I’ll probably do some super high rep pump style workouts, maybe a bodyweight session here and there. I LOVE the layer inspired stuff, but this improvisation is what is necessary.

It’s gonna be fun.


One week off turned into two. I feel pretty good about it actually, I haven’t taken over a week off in one block in four years.

But, today marks a milestone. I still haven’t signed up for a nearby gym, so I used the apartment gym. I thought that I could use the light dumbells to do some Mountain Dog style shoulder.

Lo and behold, the dumbbell set ranged between 15 lbs to 50lbs, with one additional 8 lb dumbbell. The dumbbells were too heavy and TOO LIGHT for me to do some super high rep rear and side delt training. What kind of world is this?!

I did :
Handstand pushups
YTWLs with the 8lb, passing it back and forth
Some meadows swings with heaving dumbbells
side raises with the 8s.
arnold presses.
Total shit. I feel really good though, my metabolism is lit up, and I feel great psychologically.

I can probably get in both a decent back and chest pump workout before this weekend, then find a real gym.