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Switching up to Heal


I've been training pretty hard and heavy going on 6 months now. I've just finished up a pretty tough training cycle that was a little "Crossfit" and a lot a heavy lifting in the Olympic and Power lifts.

I'm thinking of doing some "body building/pump" work to ease things up a bit and maybe even heal up some tendons and nagging injuries.

Your training style and methods marry up perfectly to my style and personality so I often follow what you are doing.

I am out of touch on stereotypical body building training these days. Would you have any suggestions on what a good set up would be to switch to i.e. how often do you suggest hitting a body part per week when using high rep pump work?
I was thinking of a 5 day rotation:
Day 1) Chest & Biceps
Day 2) Legs
Day 3) Off
Day 4) Back, Shoulders & Triceps
Day 5) Off

Any time or guidance you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


Hey have you looked at Growth Factor Training ?

On this thread you can see a week split and links to each workout.