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Switching Up Rep Schemes and Training Format


Hey CT,

I posted this in your MicroPA log but it must have gone unnoticed due to the many other conversations going on.

But basically I've been implementing your layer system for around 32 weeks and have made nice gains in strength and hypertrophy. I would:

1.Ramp to a 3,2, or 1 rep max (3 for 4 weeks, 2 for 3 weeks, and 1 for one week, then repeat)
2.'perform 30 reps in a time to beat.
3. Weighted carries that compliment main movement for the day.

I want to switch things up for a bit and give my body a little less volume, ) and was thinking of keeping the same schedule but doing a 5x5 rep scheme for my main lifts (using 75% of 1RM)

So my workouts would look like this:
1. 5x5 (75%) (depending on the lift, superset with sometning complementary, for instance, rear delt raises in between high pulls. Light weight for a pump).
2.Weighted carries to compliment main movement.

I want to follow this routine for several weeks before going back to the strength/density layer format. Does this sound okay to do? I've already had two workouts following the 5x5 (high pull and push press) and am enjoying the change of pace, but am anticipating my return to the layer format.

I'm also doing short, bike sprint intervals at the end of the workout to promote fat loss. Nothing that has impeded recovery as of yet.

I'd just like to know what you think of this, really. Thanks much in advance!