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Switching Up, Preventing Overtraining


So after about 6 weeks doing modified waterbury method workouts I feel like I am reaching just the cusp of overtraining. I feel anxious and my concentration has been off. I have been way more overtrained than this in the past, and know that I should back off now before real overtraining sets in.

However, I’d rather not just give up excercising altogether. Although my body is tired, I was wondering if perhaps instead of complete rest I could just switch gears a bit.

My thoughts are to do 2 weeks of only GPP/HIIT (4-5 times a week, something like GPP-HIIT-rest-GPP-HIIT-rest-HIIT), which gives me a break from heavy stuff, while giving me a chance to increase my work capacity, VO2max, aerobic capacity, etc … which would all help when I go back to heavy lifting afterwards.

what do you think? do you think this is viable, or will GPP/HIIT be just as taxing to the system, and therefore futher aggravate the potential overtraining.

Not to encourage you to do too much, but if your not very good at full snatches, their good for flexibility, speed and just about everything but won’t really tax you. Thats if your not up around bodyweight+ capability on this. Just a thought.

I have found that light aerobics/stretching for a week is best when I am coming up on overtraining. I believe 1 week is fine as well. Read the article just published ‘back off to grow’. I used to try your method where I would just switch to techniques that where different from what I am doing. HIIT however taxes the muscles in a similar fashion to weight lifting from the muscle activation point of view.

My overtraining formula is take 1 week off where I am walking and stretching 3x a week. If at the end of that week my body is ‘jacked up’ and I am itching for a workout, I return to the gym. If not, I will take another week. Thats more than enough to get me back on target. I have also found that during that week some higher calorie consumption to be helpful as well. Nothing over the top, maybe 250-500+ a day for the week.

i just take a few days off from training time to time. i’m coming off a 7 day rest where i know i was able to replenish glycogen levels adequately due to no training activity. laters pk