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Switching Up My Training

I’m 43 and have been an avid lifter since I was 14. I’m also a rugby player but I retired from the sport at age 38. Now that I’m no longer playing rugby I have plenty of time to commit to lifting. I have been training with the Faleev program for a bit but I want to switch it up. I’m thinking I want to do a program that focuses on accessories to the Big 3 that will transfer over.

That being said I’m lifting at home so I don’t have access to machines. I have barbells, squat rack(with spotter arms), trap bar, landmine, sled, loadable dumbbells, t-bar attachment for rows and plenty of powerlifting plates. I’m fine with lifting 5 days a week but I want to limit my lifting times to an 60-90 minutes maximum. I’m thinking a rep range of 8-10 would be ideal?? I’m open to any advice or thoughts.

Transfer over to what? Strength? Size?

I’m looking for accessory lifts that will help strengthen areas I may be lacking in for Deadlift, Squat, and Bench. I like the Faleev program and I’m definitely making gains however I just need a change of pace. I like the Big 3 lifts but switching up the exercises and increasing the rep range would be a welcome change at the moment.

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531 Boring but Big ?
Deep water?
Super squats?