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Switching Up My Routine, Yes/No?

As it stands I’ve been doing a full body compound movement work out on Mon, Wed, and Friday. On Tues, and Thurs I do single joint isolation exercises. Seeing as how I need to loose about 30 to 40lbs of body fat I’ve come to the conclusion that the isolation exercises aren’t going to get me a “ripped” look until the body fat is gone, and my time my be better spent by splitting my legs off to Tues, and Thurs and lifting heavier.

I’m fairly sure that every one here will agree but I guess I’m looking for some confirmation. I think it will help with muscle maintenance while in a fat loss phase as well.


I’d say, stick to lifting 3 times a week with mainly compound movements. Throw some isolation in at the end of the workouts. But I don’t think you lift weights with the intention of losing much bodyfat. I think you should lift heavy with relatively low volume just to maintain the muscle you have. And use cardio and diet to drop the extra pounds. In terms of weight training, take a look at Shugart’s lifting plan as outlined in the Velocity Diet. There’s more than one way to skin a cat for sure, but that’s just what I think.


there is nothing wrong with isolation movements man, as long as you hit all the muscles you need to hit, how is it different then using big compound movements? you will still make gains and lots of people havebuilt great bodies using isolation, myself im doing 3 full body compound lift workouts with single leg isolation stuff at the end of my workouts, after i get sick of doing this ill switch to a split for a while and start doing isolation stuff again

and yeah keep lifting hard and heavy to keep the muscle you do got what your cutting. just get your diet in order and youll drop that weight in no time