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Switching to Texas Method


Hi Folks,

so I'm wanted to switch to a custom Texas Method routine. Hope I can get some help with customising for my needs. Now it looks something like this below (of course Bench press/Press cycling).

  1. What do you recommend as assistant workouts? I love Dips, so do it together on the B-press days? And chins on the Press days?
  2. On the recovery day, should I throw in another exercise? It's recovery day, but still it seems a bit too less to me.

Male, 25y
- 178cm
- 70,3 KG

Monday / Volume day
Squat 5 X 5
Bench Press 5 X 5
Rows 5 X 5
Dips 5 x 8
Abs 3 sets

Wednesday / Recovery day
Squat 2 X 5
Press 3 X 5
Chin Ups 3 sets

Friday / Intensity day
Squat 1 X 5
Bench Press 1 X 3
Dead Lift 1 X 5
Dips 3 sets
Abs 3 sets

I appreciate every kind of critique and help.


If your looking at running TM the website has a couple ebooks on it with lots of info on how to customize the program to meet your needs. IF your serious about TM the books are well worth the price.


I second the ebooks by Justin Lascek of 70s big. Many ways to customize the assistance work. You'd be better off doing dips one day and close grip bench the other. Monday already has a lot of volume, so at first pressing assistance should be added to Friday/Intensity (if you only do one). The book also mentions how to use Tuesday as "assistance day." If interested, you'll want the advanced edition for TM Modification chapter.


Thx for the replies!
Going to get those books.

I already realized that the volume might be to silly on mondays. I'll be better off just doing P-Rows 3x5 and 3x8 dips.


Do a few weeks without any assistance while you adjust to the demands of the program. Once you've adapted, add in an exercise or two to see how your recovery is. Volume day is the hardest day of the week, so don't get too carried away with accessories on it.

I'd put most of your accessories on recovery day. Dips and chins won't burn you out, so stick them here if you want them (maybe add GHR or back extensions if you have one available).

I preferred deadlifts on volume day. It seems like a lot, but between setting up for bench, doing the warmup and worksets your legs should get around 30 min rest before you pull for one final set and you're done.

Plus, volume day already takes long enough just trying to get through the squat and bench 5x5... the last thing I'd want to do at the end of it was 5 sets of rows. I'd put them on intensity day.


To add to what some_dude said, if doing accessories on recovery day, ensure that they are BODYWEIGHT dips and BODYWEIGHT chins, and not done to failure. Keep the weighted stuff on Friday or Monday if absolutely necessary.


Sounds good. Thx!
I don't want to add an accessory-day, that's why I thought of getting some things into Monday/Friday.
Due to I do Dips with 25kg, I think it might be better to do it on Monday/Friday


I'd do them on Wednesday, but you should play around with the timing until you find what works for you.