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Switching to Sustanon 250 from Cypionate 250

Switched mid cycle from cypionate 250 to sustanon 250, even went from 250mg/week to 500mg/week. Thinking about the fact that it’s a different compound. Did I just let my levels drop temporarily? It seems to take a while to build up the levels so I was just wondering. I know it’s a vague post but the wife is hounding me. :joy:

Can I ask why you switched? Test cyp/test eth is the mainstay for a cycle.

I doubt you will notice anything significant though. Sustanon is a blend of Testosterone isocaproate; Testosterone phenylpropionate; Testosterone propionate; Testosterone decanoate

Simply because dude recommended it to be honest. He told me your body adapts to the one and switching can be beneficial. I also liked the idea of different length of ester chain for different release times. Kind of wishing I would have stuck to the cyp. Though today I finally felt that pump again so I’ll stay on sust and see how it goes.

How long were you on the first before switching? Your body takes at least 6 weeks to adjust to any change.

7.5 weeks lol

In other words should have stuck with cyp

So the only difference is the ester chains correct? So therefore I shouldn’t have to wait for test levels to rise again?

Well, Sust is a blend of long acting and short acting esters (from what I’ve read). I would think your levels have stayed the same as long as it wasnt too long between pins