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Switching to Sumo DL?


Hi everyone,

I've been lifting for about 6 years with average results. I'm 5"7, around 78kg and have squatted +- 180kg and deadlifted 200kg raw.
About a year ago, I switched my technique from a small stance squat to a (semi-)sumo squat, with decent improvements.

On the deadlift however, I'm still using a small stance, but whatever training method I try, I keep struggling to gain weight. My 200kg record dates from almost 2 years ago.. I've tried WSB methods, lifting more/less frequent, lifting from a platform... without success. I'm very weak from the bottom of the lift down.

I've been wondering whether switching to a sumo'ish stance of deadlift would be beneficial, since I assume it requires more of the same muscles as in the sumo squat, versus the small stance deadlift?
The cons: I already have tiny legs, thus not much of ROM to win that way, and I seem to have read that the sumo deadlift requires a lot of technique?



If your problem is with getting the bar off the ground, a sumo stance is going to exasperate that problem in most individuals. The benefit of a conventional stance is having more power off the ground, but a more difficult lock-out. Sumo is really hard for most people to get off the ground, but significantly easier to lock out.

I'd try up'ing your power or taking a good and hard look at your technique to see where your weaknesses actually are.

And there's no such thing as a sumo squat.