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Switching to Sub Q, Any Advice?

I was on test pellets for 5 years and it was a constant roller coaster and never felt well. I wish I know then what I know now. Probably the worst option for treatment. Test levels peaked in the 600 range and free test was 75 pg/ml, range is 46-224. Most of my labs while on pellets showed low free test. SBGH 41. E2 in the high teen and low 20’s. I switched to test cream 20% 4 clicks each day last June, after a few months I felt even worse on test cream than I did on pellets. Total test levels at 525, Free 55, SBGH 39 but DHT went from 40 ng/dl on pellets to 155 ng/dl on cream, E2 levels are 39 on cream.
7 weeks ago I decided to stop the test cream and DHEA supplement, Was taking 20mg per day dhea. I am doing a 2 month washout with treatment then plan on starting sub Q 50mg 2x per week. I wanted to determine my true baseline before starting any new therapy. I am getting labs next week. While I have not felt great, I don’t feel much different than when I was on pellets or cream. My libido started to crash my last year on pellets that is why I switched to cream. It didn’t help at all. I almost feel my libido is better since I have been off the cream. I also feel that I have symptoms of high E2 while on therapy. I obviously had an issue with absorption with the cream thats why I’m going to try sub q.
Here are my questions. Since I stopped all treatment 7 weeks ago, will my DHT levels drop naturally? Since DHT was normal on pellets can I expect the same with sub q
Will I have same issues with aromatization with sub q
Will sub q help raise free test levels?

I read a few articles by Dr. Crisler. I am taking DIM/I3C 200 mg and Calcium D-glucarate 500mg 2x day. If this lowers estrogen while not on any therapy will my DHT levels increase. I will probably continue these once I start sub q.

While my labs never showed crazy high E2, I also had a DUTCH test which is 24 hour urine and it showed a high level per the reference range. The explanation was my body does not clear it and it builds up.

I have been amazed about the level of knowledge on this site. This is my first post so apologies if not clear or not proper protocol. I just want to feel better and any information would be greatly appreciated. Not many places to turn for good advice

I have been trying to convince a member on another forum not to go the T pellet route and he so far has refused to listen to any advice since creating his thread, makes we wonder why he created a thread pretending like he was looking for advice.

SubQ isn’t for everyone, I tried it and didn’t like it one bit, IM works for everyone. Two injection would be good unless trying to control estrogen, in that case injections EOD would be best. DHEA will also increase estrogen so watch out.

I inject every 2 days in an attempt to lower estrogen, my problems is I’m overweight so it doesn’t matter what protocol I chose, all I can do is minimize the conversion process by injecting as frequently as possible.

Sounds like you body hordes testosterone, smaller frequent dosing can work, it’s just a matter of getting the dosage correct.

Thank you! I appreciate the feedback. In your opinion IM 2x per week is more beneficial then
SC 2x per week?
Is 7 weeks off test cream enough time to establish my true baseline levels. I’ve been on pellets and cream for 7 years.
I would tell the person that wants to do pellets is a big mistake in my opinion and was a difficult ride for me. Especially the highs and lows.

And there are bad pellet doctors just like there are doctors who do not know anything about testosterone and balancing hormones.

That does not make the method ineffective.

I am a pellet user and I feel great.

I agree traveling-man, point taken

As for the argument whether to SubQ or IM, as someone who’s done both I’d say try SubQ first. I’m injecting 3x a week with a 29g insulin needle into my thigh fat and literally feel nothing. Less sides too (could be a coincidence)

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Thank you for the reply. That’s good to hear regarding the injection. I plan on starting subq with 29g 1/2 inch. Do you inject in outer part of the thigh? I know that IM is more on top of thigh.

The stomach is a popular spot. I alernate back and forth between left and right of naval. I have never had any issues with it.


Upper mid thigh, I only use .25ml of oil