Switching to Reebok LP or Romaleos

I bought a pair of adipowers yesterday. I bought a size 13. I wear an 12 4E, so I have super wide flat feet. They are super narrow and obviously I can’t use them. I already own a pair of Reebok Crossfit lifters 2.0 and love them for running in and walking around in, because they sort of simulate me having an arch in my feet and they just feel great.

I can actually run and not get shin splints with them on. I originally got them for weight lifting though, but I want shoes that are stiffer and have more support. The thing is since the reeboks I have are a size 13 and they fit great, I figured the Reebok Crossfit Lifter Plus’ would fit the same. I have read that in terms of oly shoes, the Reeboks are the widest, but the romaleos are almost as wide.

So, basically what I want to know is 1. How good is the support for the Reebok Crossfit Plus shoes, 2. Would the Romaleos be wide enough for me, and 3. whats the deal with the whole mold to your feet thing that the Reebok Plus shoes have? Do you have to mold the shoes to your feet to fit properly? That would actually be counter productive for me since I’m flat footed and I’d just be flatting the insoles of the shoes.