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Switching to No/Little Sugar


So of course, the hardest part is how heavily sugar is marketed, the wrappings are always so colorful...

However, my biggest questions is do you still include sugar in your postworkout drinks? And is there anyone out there who actually eats no sugar at all? How hard is eat? And is there anyone who only adds it during the morning and postworkout?


What is your reason for eliminating sugar?

You can still be extremely lean with moderate sugar intake, and in many cases the artificial sweeteners are actually much worse for you than sugar.




Would you care to elaborate on which artificial sweeteners have been proven as "bad" ? The only one I can think of is aspartame, and that's only for phenylketonurics who can't metabolize phenylalanine. Other than that, there has been no studies that prove artificial sweeteners as unsafe or unhealthy at the doses that humans consume. If you mega-dose anything, it's going to be toxic, even water.


I am a strong supporter of Surge Recovery and have been using it for many years. I also believe simple carbs are important before/during/after your workout along with fast digesting protein. Is any of it necessary? Necessary? Is it necessary for me to drink my own urine? No! But I do it anyway, cause it's sterile and I like the taste.

I don't worry about sugar before/during/after my workouts. But I have been limiting my sugar intake at all other meals for many years and have noticed that works well for me.



LOL@ Is it necessary for me to drink my own urine? No! But I do it anyway, cause it's sterile and I like the taste.


I dont really eat sugar at all per'say... i eat mostly veegies (my only high starch ones being corn and carrots) and i get in 2 fruits a day. 1 with breakfast and the other with postWO shake... if i really crave carbs i'll have a sweet potatoe for lunch on leg days but im really tryin to diet down.

I dont really have an issue with eating low carb like that at all, it just takes getting used to and having minimal/next to none tempations lying around the house...

gotta love fatfree/no sugar added ice cream tho after a workout


I don't really miss sugar at all. Bread is what I crave. And, being Irish, I love my spuds, too.


even the very mainstream american heart association has started recommending that folks cut down on added sugar a lot.

You'd probably do okay if you just put stuff like oatmeal or fruit (or both?) into your workout shakes. Might not be the same spike as dextrose, but it would seemingly be sufficient.