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Switching to Hook Grip 8 Weeks Before Meet?

I am 8 weeks out from a meet and entering my peak soon. I have been using mixed grip, but lately started experimenting with hook grip. Honestly, hook grip gives me a smoother starting position, while I always seem a little off balance with alternate grip.

Some people say don’t change your grip stance this close out to a meet, but what do you guys recommend? Stick with mixed, or start using hook grip now?

If its recommended to stick with alternate grip, any tips to help achieve a better balanced starting position. It always feels like my legs favour one side over the other with alternate grip.

I think people mean don’t make big changes. Not sure if Grip style qualifies

It could work. If everything really feels better with hook then practice some with it. I’d pull as much hook frequently. not necessarily as much as you can for max sets/reps because that could destroy your thumbs for next sesh or next week depending on how bad.

I’d still keep in mixed grip if possible as a back up like just in case. Maybe first few reps hook then the rest mixed grip for your Sets.

Alternate grip is usually more imbalanced at the shoulder joint and back as opposed to the lower body. I don’t know why you are feeling imbalanced to one side but it probably has little to do with your grip unless you are holding it uneven or arm length is different between sides

Wouldn’t the form change slightly (starting positions) between hook grip and alternate, which is why you would keep one or the other for your max sets?

Theoretically there might be a centimetre less ROM on the hook grip depending on how long ur fingers are but practically there should be little difference to start position.

I recommend practicing both to see which is the better for you. If you ever settle on using hook what many hook pullers like to do is pull volume or high reps in straps to save their thumbs.

Stick with mix . After meet switch


Have you pulled 90-100%+ with hook grip this training cycle? If yes, feel free to compete that way. If not don’t try hook grip at the meet.

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If you aren’t 100% certain that you can hook grip max weights then this can lead to disaster. It takes a while to get used to hook grip, pulling a few warmup sets is not the same as a max single.

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Yup, I am sticking with mixed for this meet. Have a friend also competing and it took him over a year to really get used to it.

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I dont see why you couldn’t.

In my one meet, I switched to mixed grip 3 weeks out. Nowadays, I strap up on everything but warmups and singles and then hook grip at the meet.