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Switching to Geared Powerlifting. What to Get?

Changing over to equipped powerlifting. The question is single or multiply and the best brand. In can afford either. And are briefs required with multiply? Thanks

Welcome to the dark side!

Depends on what federations you have available. IPF only does single ply. So that’s a factor. Personally I say go Multiply.

Briefs are not required ( some feds single ply can have briefs + suit on ). Personally even if you don’t squat with briefs and suit it’s worth having the briefs just for the sake of the straps not being in the way on strap down days.


As for brand- I’m a metal gear fan. That said Inzer won’t do you wrong either.

Thanks for info. I’ve looking at Inzer and Metal! Federation is SPF for sure maybe others that come to Arkansas. Not sure of which ones come here!!

RPS and SPF.

What part of Arkansas?

Hot Springs