Switching to EOD

Hey folks. I just need some math checked here. I’m currently at 140mg E3.5D. Thinking about switching to EOD because I want to get my level a bit higher, but moving to 160 E3.5D didn’t feel great, I’m assuming E2 conversion.

I was thinking about doing 40mg EOD. Would that be a bit much?

40 Mg/eod =140 mg a week.

I went to 50 eod and love it. Im 3 months in. Went From 100 every 3.5 Days then 150 every 3.5 now I’m 50eod.

Best protocol I’ve ever been on. Now I range from 45-60 eod to give myself some changes.

Once you switch give it a few weeks before you judge it and go sub Q injections.

Now that you say it I see what you guys do to calculate. You just use the average over 2 weeks. Same dose done more frequently should be more effective anyway right? So I should probably just start there.

Thanks. I’m trying DIM + I3C complex right now by seeking health. Sounds like I need to try eod. What do you mix it up for? What kind of changes?

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I figure a 28 day period.
40Mgx14(28 days)=560Mg.
560/4(weeks)=140MG a week

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Per @physioLojik moving around helps to avoid homeostasis. Additionally I’ve found my libido responds to the movement. I did 50 eod for a few months then started boucing around from 45-60.

Eg. 50, 50, 60, 60, 50, 50, 45, 45, 55, 60, 50, 45

Your E2 seemed high in your last lab set?

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26.6. Not bad, but I have since increased my dose and had mixed results so I just assumed E2 conversion was a factor.

Haven’t heard about mixing it up. But it makes sense based in my experiences. Interesting

Same thing I did. Feeling much more consistent at 50eod.

E2 26.6? How much anastro are u on?

None, the only pharmaceutical I am on is the T Cyp. I was at 120mg (60x2) and my T was ~650, so I went to 140 (70x2) and got the mixed results. I tried 160 (80x2) for a few weeks and felt even worse, so I backed down to 140 and started this: https://www.amazon.com/Seeking-Health-Estrogen-Vegetarian-Capsules/dp/B003RYUW2C

Although I’ve only been on that for 2 days, so I will probably try that for a couple of weeks before I decide on making another change.

Define worse?

Sexual issues?
Weak workouts?
Water retention
Constant pissing?
Feeling “flat” in gym?

Less/non existent libido, general malaise, depressed mood, and brain fog.

I think I’m ready for eod. So, my doctor prescribed me the 200 mg per ml because it’s cheaper. Obviously this makes it harder to measure out very small amounts. Is it possible to get a 1ml syringe with a 1.5 inch needle? What exactly should I be looking for?

I use 1ml syringes only. At 50mg eod this will be 0.25mL if using a 200mg/mL concentration. This is the same concentration I use.

You can get some with removable needles to choose your length. I shoot only sub Q now so using 30 or 27 ga 1/2 in needles or less.

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Got it. Thank you. SubQ is more effective and injecting more frequently is also more effective so it probably makes sense for me to lower the dose a bit for the transition. I’m only doing 140-week now. Maybe I will go down to 120/week subq eod to start. Thanks for your assistance in this!

I don’t think I’d lower the dose. Yes you’ll be injecting more frequently but your peak T levels will be lower until they start stacking up on top of each other. This will take a few weeks. During the first few weeks you may feel a little down but stick with it.

I vote sticking with 140 weekly.

Try graphing your protocol with steroid calc. Google it.

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I guess I should also ask you where you inject. I have been doing IM in the glutes. Can I just use a half inch needle on my ass and get the same effect?

Yes I inject butt/upper hip fat.

Occasionally I do hcg in belly fat or sides. Fat is fat. Stick and inject.

Thanks for everything. Just ordered 100 1/2" 27g 1ml syringes. Hoping this will be an improvement :slight_smile:

You get any heart paps from fluctuating dose?