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Switching to EOD HGH Dosing

I’ve been running 4iu ED with IM injections for the past two months. The only sides I’ve noticed is lethargy. I’m going to be switching to EOD dosing but I had a few questions.

  1. Should I take the 8iu all at once or split them into separate dosages- once upon waking and once during late afternoon? I would assume all at once.
  2. Will this cause more lethargy?
  3. Is there a better protocol for recovery and fat loss goals while minimizing sides?
  4. I have access to peptides, would it be worthwhile to add Ipamorelin in the mix?


I think the eod protocol is popular but its split into 3 shots i believe…just run a search here for bushido boy…
imo 8iu all at once may give you shitty sides…headaches, joint pain, some jitters.
For fat loss i like it 1st thing in morning then cardio…never saw much diff going sq or im with fat loss…bulking up takes more thought & planning with H

I use to split it up …when I first woke up and pre workout as long as I didn’t workout at night - if I were to workout at night I would do AM and mid afternoon.

Why dont you guys pin before bed?

The idea is that you naturally release hgh at night so you don’t want to interrupt that production with exogenous gh.

I read through the BBB protocol- 78 iu in 3 weeks on non-consecutive days to mimic adolescent pituitary release. Very interesting. This was written for a BBer but I’m assuming it would also be best for an athlete looking for recovery, fat loss, and improved mood. Correct?

Also, there are some days where the protocol calls for 6 pins of 2 iu. I don’t eat around my injections. Will the same apply here? I don’t know if I can find 6 times during the day where I have an empty stomach…

^ yup pretty much what ive heard 2… hgh b4 bed good for those over 50 as anti aging but for the most part you dont wanna mess with your natural hgh… I think that protacol is cool but who has time for all that. I mean mornings or post wo is what most everyday bros I know do…For all the hassles how much difference could it really make?

Agreed but if it is more effective then I’m willing to make the time. I doubt one could quantify how much more effective one is over the other but better is better. If I experience more sides, I will go back to ED dosing.