Switching to Cream after Being on Cypionate for 2 Years

I recently joined one of the popular online T clinics and expressed a desire to switch to the cream. I’ve self injected with Cypoinate for the past 2 yrs. Sporadically sometimes…as I’ve had issues with self injecting. Here’s some labs.

Also, does anyone here take DHEA and if so, do you believe it’s effective? And please tell me your thoughts on taking a thyroid supplement with trt.

I would advise not to supplement DHEA unless it’s low, yours is so it’s a no brainer. DHEA may very well increase estrogen, so be aware.

I would start out at 25-50mg DHEA daily.

Same here, I doubt you need thyroid supplementation with your Free T3 at 3.6, not low by any stretch of the imagination.

I tried thyroid treatment (T3/T4 combo/NDT) with the same Free T3 levels, TSH at 0.45 and low normal Free T4 and after the second dosage became hyperthyroid.

I started 50mg DHEA at bedtime. I’ve been on it about a full week now. The cream is finally arriving tomorrow. And my last dose of 1.5ml Cypoinate was 5 days ago.

Not sure if the DHEA (which I’ve never taken before,) has anything to do with this but I was playing some Call of Duty with a friend last night and he told me that I seemed a lot more aggressive during the game. Normally I’m pretty competitive but he said he thought I was gonna break the controller, lol. Is 50mg DHEA enough to affect me in that way?

You stopped taking T and its declining. Its obviously going to change your mood. Ive noticed that the good T levels make a calmer better man. Why did you stop injections when your mission is to transition, not halt treatment and start another form of it days later? As for injections, what gauge needle were you using? Always cracks me up when people with medicine have an aversion to short thin needles.

I think that’s a pretty hefty dose, and taking it at night too, it’s usually pretty stimulating. Not sure if that is the reason, since you’ve got other things going on as well, but it could be part of it

Yes, I was using insulin needles. And yes I started developing a complex about self injecting. So I decided to go for the scrotal cream. I was taking 1ml Cypoinate per week but in the past so many months I wasn’t really keeping with the weekly protocol due to problem injecting.

I just received the scrotal cream and was started at 3 clicks morning and 3 clicks at night.

Symptoms as yo why I’m on testosterone:

Erectile dysfunction (soft erections not enough for penetration). Depression-anxiety as a result.

Penile sensitivity - 0 out of 10. Absolutely zero stimulation.

Testosterone has always brought my erections back and restored a good amount of sensitivity to the point that I’m actually able to feel some satisfaction during sex.

Is 3 clicks a usual dose? The PA mentioned that some take 4. When I took 1ml Cypoinate, the endocrinologist was close to recommending 1.5ml per week. With that in mind, I wonder if 3 clicks is enough. As I just started I guess I’ll find out.

Adult males create about 2-4mg dhea daily. The remaining dhea that is created is the sulfated form of dhea at about 25mg daily. It is not natural to be taking 50mg of straight dhea. I’d say take 2.5 mg with a meal. Your sulfated dhea stores will increase in time.

I recommend getting your cream in a hydrogel base. I take 1 click morning 1click at night. 5’9 195 12%.

I’m definitely dropping the dose of DHEA. I’ve skipped it the past couple of days and that aggressive feeling I’ve been getting has went away. It was too much.

I’ve been taking the thyroid med as prescribed out of curiosity. They gave me NP Thyroid 30mg one every morning. I’ve never taken a thyroid med before. Since starting it, I’ve noticed more energy during the day. Clear headed-refreshed feeling.

Testosterone also provides a similar feeling for me but I can tell that the thyroid supplement is definitely contributing. I’m going to test the thyroid level after 60 days and see where I’m at. I don’t wanna develop a hyper issue. But I must say that I do like the feeling I’ve been having since starting the NP thyroid combined with the testosterone lipo cream.

I don’t understand the use of np thyroid when there is a better alternative call synthroid. Most men do not have a problem converting t4 to t3. It’s better to do it this way to mitigate side effects, and it allows the body to make and regulate enough t3 on its own. Np thyroid and the like was useful back in the day when they didn’t have synthetic t4. I’m sure many would disagree with me on here, but the fact is most people are doing well with synthroid, which is the accepted standard of care to treat low thyroid.