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Switching to Cream after Being on Cypionate for 2 Years

I recently joined one of the popular online T clinics and expressed a desire to switch to the cream. I’ve self injected with Cypoinate for the past 2 yrs. Sporadically sometimes…as I’ve had issues with self injecting. Here’s some labs.

Also, does anyone here take DHEA and if so, do you believe it’s effective? And please tell me your thoughts on taking a thyroid supplement with trt.

I would advise not to supplement DHEA unless it’s low, yours is so it’s a no brainer. DHEA may very well increase estrogen, so be aware.

I would start out at 25-50mg DHEA daily.

Same here, I doubt you need thyroid supplementation with your Free T3 at 3.6, not low by any stretch of the imagination.

I tried thyroid treatment (T3/T4 combo/NDT) with the same Free T3 levels, TSH at 0.45 and low normal Free T4 and after the second dosage became hyperthyroid.