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Switching to Close Grip for Arms?


Has anyone switched to close grip on their pressing exercises for a while to bring up their arms? Right now I am on a 5 day split (back/chest/legs/shoulder/arms) and am thinking of either switching to something like legs+arms/chest/back/shoulders+arms or just doing close grip for all of my pressing and supinated/close grip for pulling while sticking with one arm day.


close grip BP does put more stress on the triceps so if they are lagging then yes it would be a good idea, i found my triceps grow more when i do more isolation type movements on them aswell as CGBP such as JM PRESS dumbell extentions barbell extentions. jm press being the best ive found so far.


My tris grow pretty nicely from close grip work.


Every lifter with big arms I have ever known does CGBP.


How does the JM press affect wrist.....I saw a few vids and its looks pretty painful.


no i never got any sore wrists but i dont do it as a max effort movement so the rep range is 8-10.


Thanks for the replies. Would it be better to keep in regular grips during pressing days and focus on CG on arm days? Or would I be able to bring them up faster by only doing CG on everything for a while? My long arms are already a limiting factor on bench and incline so I'd like to be hitting them pretty hard.


do them on your arm day stick to your normal grip if your doing chest, shoulder press ect.


Go with CG. I go close grip on my bench regardless. Also, if you wanna hit your triceps hard with heavy weight, try some push press, or push jerks, and try to do slow negatives for sets of 3. You dont need a spotter for this, then you can go to close grip bench press for moderate reps, and finish off with tricep ext. or jm presses or pullovers.


when im doing my chest day right after im finished working out my cheast just to go one step further before starting my tricpst i get a easy curl bar and do supersets of scull crushers and closed grip bench press closed grip mostly targets the tricpts but also the inner most part of the chest to get that deep cut between


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You should do both on a regular basis. Close grip pressing on the Smith is good for tricep mass.

For biceps you should also vary your grip width. Grip width affects the activation of the long and short bicep heads. Sticking to the same grip all of the time will impede progress.


I personally have also found that decline close grip bench works very well. Also variations of close grip lock outs and seated rack lock outs. I have also found periodically adding bands to be effective as well.

Close grip dips are great if your shoulders can handle it.


sorry i thought this was a fitness forum not a english writing lesson. but since your complaining about it all my posts in the future will be spell checked.


You don't have to change your shit up just do the regular presses and add the close grips they've worked wonders for my triceps.


Close grip = Elbows Flared to you or no?

On close grip/Elbows Flared, my elbows go out almost 90 degrees in relation to my body

like for lack of a better visual remedy.


Actually, it's a Bodybuilding forum. And you are right, it's not an English lesson. But if you wish to communicate with those who HAVE taken English lessons, maybe you should take some, smartass. Anyway, I didn't actually think you would need a spell checker to spell, 'CHEST" or "TRICEP". Just to be nice I'll give you another lesson. The shift key makes the first letter of every sentence upper case.


I think this depends on how close your hands are together. The closer they are the more flare you will have. I use a shoulder width grip, so my elbows don't flare much. I think they might be around 45 degrees.


I tuck the elbows on my close grip.


Decided to keep doing regular grip pressing. Arm day no looks like this..

Tricep pushdowns, 3-4 sets of 8-12
Close Grip, ramping up to set of 6-8
(Skull crushers were giving me elbow pain so I dropped these completely)

For biceps I'm doing barbell curl, db curl, and preachers.

Not sure if certain exercises are better than others for people with long arms, but as long as the weight goes up every week I suppose it doesn't matter much.