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Switching to an Upper/Lower Split?


-Goals: Cutting.
-Reason: I’ve never been lean before in my life. I want to see what it’s like. And I at least want to get rid of the remain bit of fat I have around my core. I probably won’t have a six pack, and I’m not concerned. I just want to see if I can remain disciplined enough to get ride of the fat. That’s all.

-about me: 6’2", 191lbs (down from 192ish last week), 21 years old, former fat boy, still a little bit left (obviously). Training age of a little over 9 months. -
-Diet is solid.

I’m thinking of switching to an upper/lower split. I’ve been doing three full body work outs a week since I started training, and it has not been good for the last few weeks.

I’m never recovered for friday’s training session. I’m getting 8 hours of sleep a night, and my kcal intake per day is between 2100-2400. I feel like I consistantly underperform on friday’s session because of muscular fatigue.

I tend to push myself insanely hard the first two work out days, then I’m spent for friday. It’s frustrating. I’m not doing any intense cardio, just some incline walking on the off days as active recovery, maybe tossing a frisbee around at night.

I think by switching to an upper/lower split I can a.) increase my activity level throughout the week, and b.) be able to push myself hard in the gym and still have enough time to recover.

Thoughts? Recomendations? Suggestions for exercise selections and how to organize a upper/lower split?

Thanks in advance.

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