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Switching to a Monolift


Every time I walk out my squats I waste so much energy and I look like a stupid penguin. I’m such a strong squatter and I feel like I am losing weight on the bar because of my dumb walkout. How can I switch to a mono lift? P.s I train at coliseum gym so we have a mono.


Its not brain surgery kid. Just unrack the bar and squat it.


I tried man, but if I setup on a monolift I tend to either be to far back or to piched forward.


Hips under the bar. So get under the empty bar, play with your feet until you’re unracking from that perfect sweet spot where the bar just goes up. Not forward. Not scooped back but straight up.

Squeeze your glutes and flex your quads to “pick” the bar right up out of the rack. If you lean forward and scrape the hooks that’s likely you’re too far forward with your feet and hips.

If you scoop it up and backwards then feet are probably too far back.

Have someone just watch you from the side and pay attention to your setup and unrack.


I’m going to be doing the same thing for my next meet, which will be with wraps and a mono since I’m fed up with the IPF after seeing their spotting at worlds… so yeah thanks for the tips guys, and if anyone else has any thoughts I’d be interested!


Either practice to improve your walkout or practice using the monolift. No other choices here really.


I generally find in a mono my feet are further forward when I set up compared to walking out. Also, when I stand up it’s more like I’m driving my traps into the bar compared to when I stand up to walk out.