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Switching the Type of Deadlift?

Hey guys,

My current split looks like this:
Monday: Back and hamstrings
Tues: Abs
Wed: Delts and tri’s
Thursday: Quads and bi’s
Friday: Off
Sat: Chest and calves
Sun: Off

For back, all I have been doing lately,
is 5 sets of wide chins, 5 sets of close grip rows, and 4 sets of deads. I do remember someone recommending only doing deads fortnightly, is this right? When I did squats on quads day, my back have never been so tight and sore during training, so much so, that I couldnt do much at all on leg press. I have never felt this type of muscle soreness from working before.

Any recommendations guy? I am considering doing stiff leg deads on one week, then normal deads the next…