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Switching Test Prop to TNE Leading Up to Fight


Hi guys. I have a fight coming up in 4 months and was planning out a cycle to get me through training camp. In the past, I have used test prop only when I knew I was going to be tested and just make sure to cut my cycle three weeks out. I haven’t had any issues.

My training partner suggested that I looked into test no ester in oil (TNE). I’ve done a bit of reading on it but I’m not exactly sure if it’s what I would be looking for. Then again, test is test so why not? I imagine I would just switch to TNE injects 48 hours after my last prop inject and continue up until my fight (or a few days out). I would adjust for the ester weight of prop at 80mg/100mg of active hormone and TNE at 100mg/100mg of active hormone.

I see most guys like to just use TNE as a pre-workout which could be nice for those extra long days. Not sure if that would send me on a roller coaster ride or cause too much weight/water gain.

Does anyone have experience with this?


what’s the rationale behind switching?


To pass a drug test.


i don’t have much personal knowledge of TNE… however, i know of guys using suspension for the same reason. however, i’ve also heard that due to the crystallization in suspension, it can actually be slightly unpredictable in how it releases in the body. i’m not sure if TNE has the same issue, tho…

what doses are you planning on running? what did you use before with prop?

and what kind of fight are you talking about? pro/ammy? boxing/MMA?


Leading up to fights, I run 250mg of prop a week or less. Yes, it’s low but I choose different compounds and dosages in the true off season to build strength. 250 more than maintains my strength while drastically improving recovery. Anything more will gas me out. I have thrown in some anavar before too but stop it a month out due to detection time. I was thinking about switching to TNE at 25mg a day to put me at 175mg. I feel like this might help avoid a crash and keep my levels high.