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Switching Sides

Hey guys, this is my first post. I’m currently on week 4 of a 10 week cycle of Test Enanthate 400mg/ml. As well as being my first post, this is my first cycle. I did as much research as possible but of course, still have a few questions. So any advice or information would be great.

My first dart I administered myself in my glute, I’m pretty sure I was a little high with the injection area. The pain came the next day and it was really sore for about 5 days. Not a good first experience lol But I knew it was my own mistake, so I continued on.

The next 3 weeks I have been darting in my right quad. For me, it has been really smooth and good injections. Right now my only concern is if I should be alternating sides (right leg then left, then right, and so on.)? I only dart once a week, every Monday, so personally, by the time I have to do the next one, my leg feels fine.

So what are you’re opinions?

Let me know if I’m missing any information.

Thanks guys,


the consensus on this board is that you have to pin test e at least twice a week (every 3.5 days) to keep blood levels stable and to keep side effects down. From my own experience, pinning more frequently reduced the side effects. For my first cycle, I pinned test C every 4 days. I got some acne in the face, shoulders and back. I’m currently in my 5th week of test E every 3 days and have not gotten any acne since I started.

Regarding your question, I think if you pin more frequently, you’d have to do 2 sides, and maybe do two sites (left & right glute and left and right quad). It’s easy to pin the glute. Look through youtube for demo vids. It’s common to get post injection pain especially in virgin muscle. Don’t be alarmed by the pain, except if it interferes with training, or it comes together with signs of infection.

So here are my suggestions:

  1. Pin at least every 3.5 days. Every 3 days is better IME.
  2. Use the following sites: left & right quad, left and right glute. They’re easy to hit.

Thanks for the reply svlao. I have been lucky so far (knock on wood) that I’ve yet to experience any side effects. Maybe a very slight increase of acne on my chest, but that could be too that I stopped shaving for a few weeks lol I could try to do 0.5mg every 3.5 days… Do you think it would be wise to start now that I’m going into my 5th week?

Side question:
How are your results so far on Test E? Strength, Weight, Overall feeling, etc?

I always switch sides. Not because of the pain, but more because of the build up of scar tissue. Although i suppose you could use one spot until you cant anymore, then move on the next one, i just like being able to have leg day twice a week :wink:

So, I’d say yes. Switch sides. I personally rotate glutes with my current Test E cycle. I’ve done quads, but I prefer the ease of glutes. It’s like butter.

As a side note to your side note, Test E is the tits. Strength through the roof, up 20lbs, and feeling LIKE A BOSS. And i agree with Svlao. Pin E3D.

I use 6 injection sites for my TRT, which I pin twice a week…both deltoids, both tear drops on my quads, and further up the quad (about 3/4") on the side…this works pretty well…I use 30 gauge 1/2" insulin pins