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Switching Sets/Exercises for Gains

For better lbm gains/hypertrophy all things being equal, within the scope of 6 sets, 5-10 rep range and 2 exercises per body part, for the sake of example would you
A. do 3 sets of a chest exercise then 3 sets of a biceps exercise, repeat
B. do all 3 sets of chest exercise 1 then 3 sets of chest exercise 2, repeat for biceps
C. do 1 set chest then 1 set biceps, repeat 6 times

I typically would also finish up with some 18 rep super sets but don’t want to consider any other factors as diet, heavy/light days, recoup, 3/5 day split, pwo etc etc so focus remains on aspect A, B or C, all things being equal for lbm gains. Thanks

1- It doesn’t matter

2 (and much more important) - you are way over complicating things