switching routines

I recently formulated 12 weeks worth of new routines. Two 3-week strength cycles followed by a 1 week break, then a 3 week hypertrophy and 3 week endurance. The problem is that I am just completing the first week of strength training and I am actually enjoying this routine. Its a 3x per week squat, bench, and row routine. I am using 5x5 on monday, some breathing squats on wed, and 1 set to failure on friday. Needless to say, my squat is going up. In your own honest opinions, should I 1)follow the 12 week plan and keep repeating until the returns diminish. Or 2) keep repeating the strength cycle I am on now. The reason I am confused is because i am looking for the quickest way to increase my squat, and working that lift 3x per week might do the job. I will keep you all updated if things work out in during the second/third weeks.