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Switching Routines/Upping Volume

Sorry if this question is stultifyingly simple, but that should only make it easier to answer, right?

According to Waterbury: total reps x load = volume, and volume should be increased. ( http://www.T-Nation.com/readTopic.do?id=1286261 )
How does one manage this from routine to routine, especially when compensating load for reps or vice versa results in (a)a ridiculous amount of sets and/or reps or (b) an unfeasible amount of weight?

The concept itself seems logical to me, but other tried and true methods are definitely welcome. (NB, however, that I am one lame intuitive lifter - I like to do the math.)

You have to take it with a grain of salt. If you can do 5x300 on deadlift that doesn’t mean your max is 1500. Similarly, and less extreme, if you do 5 sets of 5 squats with 180 that’s 4500 total pounds. Now if you wanted to do 200 to get the same amount of volume you would have to do 22.5 reps (round up so 23).

However, even though the volume equates you may not even be able to do 200. It works well if you’re planning your next workout where you are only increasing weight by a small %.

However when you start screwing with reps and sets it’s more of a ballpark thing. Just try to make sure that the next time you do a certain exercise you either use more weight, do more reps, or do more sets. That’s the best general way to think about it.

Should one implement this when switching routines? Say you Bench at 300 for 10 x 5 and the new routine calls for 10 x 3 - following this, you’d have to lift 500 lb for the 10 x 3, or else turn it into, say, 16 x 3 at 315 or so. When you have to do this for 80% of the exercises, it seems to become a totally different routine.

Look, when you’re changing routines, you’re changing the patterns when you do certain exercises. Your lifts won’t be the same.

Why not try and just pick a weight you think you can do and do it? Next time, either do more reps, weight or sets.

Some days, you’ll be stronger than others. Do you hurt yourself reaching a pre-determined goal or do you listen to your body? Do your best every day and don’t concern yourself with details.