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Switching Providers - Advice Needed on Changes

All, I am in the middle of switching doctors/clinics and have a quick question. My current protocol is 200mg of test Cyp. /week split into EOD injections into my glute using a 26g 5/8 needle and 400iu of HCG split into two doses weekly. Ive been doing this for 8 months with no AI. Recently introduced HCG about 8 weeks ago and its been hell. I do not like how I feel on HCG.

My new provider is recommending I use 200mg of test Cyp. weekly using a 25g 1 inch needle in my quad. They also mentioned that anastrozole is compounded into their testosterone.

1 - Has anyone ever heard of pharmacy grade testosterone being compounded with anastrozole in it?

2 - Is it beneficial moving from 5/8 glute to 1 inch in the quad?


Heard of it and would avoid it.

Beneficial? Depends. As long as you are comfortable its personal preference. Generally, larger volumes need longer and larger needles.


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Is this Royal? If it is, they’ll give you just regular compounded test if you beg for it. Otherwise I wouldn’t take it and look for another provider

It is not Royal. This place is highly recommended and i spoke with them again today and expressed my concerns with taking Anastrozole.

I am not sure what to do at this point.

You can use a large syringe to inject test if you want, you might consider using a 1ml 27-29 gauge insulin syringe.

I inject in the deltoids and quads and don’t feel a thing.

Ask your provider why they think drugs are the answer to reduce estrogen when you can just lower your dosage, adjust your protocol.

This is just what our society needs more of, drugs, toxins in our system to further degrade our lives. It pains me to see people improve their health, exercise, eat healthy and put toxins in their bodies that are known to remove minerals from our bones.

There are times when drugs are necessary, but the fewer the drugs in your life, the better.

There rationale was that it is very low amounts of anastrozole and slowly released in injections as opposed to pill form.

Doesnt matter, you should demand pure T for your money. No exceptions.

Were you doing fine on testosterone only? If so, why was hCG added?

In switching doctors, you’re dropping hCG and adding anastrozole?

I’m wondering why not go back to just testosterone?

I was doing good with testosterone only for months but we decided to try HCG again to deal with some minor atrophy and I liked the increased libido with HCG, but I will never touch that stuff again. I am certain it drove up my estrogen and I felt horrible emotionally.

I am getting blood work again before starting anything new. I am about 11 months into this journey and still not feeling great. I think we struggles are with estrogen. I talked to the clinic and I demanded we do blood work before I change anything.

OK, good luck moving forward.