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Switching Programs?


I've been on the same one for 6 weeks now and i'm bored of it, i'm ready to go back to a split, but i'm still seeing gains. Should I wait a little bit longer and see if my gains keepin goin up or just change since i'm bored and i've stuck with this program for a little while or a decent amount of time also.


6 weeks is not very long for a program, but since the most important thing is to enjoy the workout and have fun while training, you should probably switch if you are really bored :slight_smile:


its kind of a mixture between boredness and the fact that i kinda prefer splits more then full body, it use to be vice versa till i started doin splits


Do what ever youll do INTENSE!!!!! If doing a split light a fire under your ass do it. It will be much better then half assing something else



as long as your making gains.. don't stop... once you stop making gains then change your program