Switching Physicians During TRT

My doc informed me that he will not be accepting my insurance any more. His practice will probably be closed this summer. I’m wondering how to handle the transition. I have enough supplies -Test cyp and Anastrozole- for the next 3 weeks or so.

I assume I need to start all over again with a new doc. I’m afraid to be evaluated as “Normal” as a result of my injections when in reality I still have low T without it. I’ve been on TRT since April. If I wait 36 hours without any treatment prior to blood testing do you think my levels will be representative of ‘my’ true levels?

Why not just tell your new physician that you are on trt? Going back to low levels will suck.

Doctor will know you’re on TRT do to LH bring zero, if you were properly diagnosed with hypogonadism then there will be no problems. It would take perhaps months being off TRT to get natural production started again.

If you want to remove worry give Defy Medical a try, they know what they’re doing and would never force you off TRT. They’re TRT friendly and have the skill to diagnose medical conditions.

Do you know anyone else doing TRT? Do you go to a gym? Look around and you might be able to guess which 40+ somethings are doing TRT. I would ask them who they are seeing and how they are doing with their treatment.