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Switching Phase on SS or Eat More?

Hey guys, I’ve been on SS for a few weeks and am starting to stall out on deadlifts at 107.5kg (240lbs). I started the program doing 90kg deadlifts but that was after about a year of listing experience. Is it too early to start Phase 2, or should I just give the weight another go and add a few hundred calories to my intake?

Bodyweight: about 72kg (157lbs)
Squat: 77.5x5
Deadlift: 105x5
OHP: 37.5x5
Bench: 55x5

Daily calories: 3600-3800, around 45/30/25 carbs/protein/fat
P.S. Not a hardgainer

I think you are already at the high end for your calorie intake. How is your macro breakdown… Getting enough protein?

Where is your Deadlift stalling? Off the ground, mid point or at lockout?

Have you had a qualified/experienced person look at your form?

Have you deloaded your Deadlift at all during SS?

Are your squats feeling heavy or progressing nicely?

I don’t count my macros or calories daily, but if I do ever log what I eat it comes out at around 40/30/30 Carbs, Protein and Fats.

My squats are feeling fairly heavy, and keeping form is getting difficult (not impossible) for the last 1 or 2 reps on set 3.

In terms of deadlifts my upper back rounds out once the bar gets about 3/4ths up my shin (2 inches below my knees). I got 3 solid reps and then rounded over at rep 4.

I havent deloaded on SS yet since this is the first plateau I’ve head. All my lifts have been checked by the strength coaches at school, although they taught me to squat high-bar instead of low-bar, so ive been doing high-bar squats so far

Also I’m 16. Not sure if age has any bearing on what strength should be but Rip does talk a lot about progress relative to “healthy males between 18 and 35” so maybe the fact I’m outside of that bracket has an impact

Mate, your young and going pretty well for your age. I’m not going to pretend to have all the answers for you but my advice is to take a deload or 2 and stay patient. It’s not worth having a bulging disc just to put another couple of kilos on the bar.

If the deloads don’t work (which they should to varying degrees) than it is probably time to switch your program to something that doesn’t rely on linear progression (adding weight each session).


Besides the four movements you mentioned…what else is part of your program?

Just chin ups, face pulls and band pull-aparts. Right now im doing Starting Strength phase 1 as written

What did you weigh last month?

How tall are you?

What, exactly, did you eat yesterday?

I started the program off weighing about 68 kg (149lbs), at 180cm (5’10") tall.

Yesterday my meals where:

6 eggs, scrambled with spinach and tomato in about 1tbls of butter
1 cup of raw/dry oatmeal, cooked with 1 cup whole milk, 1 cup water, about 1/2-3/4 cup of pumpkin puree (homemade- just roast pumpkin) and spices

Pre-workout (usually eat a solid meal but was short on time):
1 serve of whey protein, about 145cals
1 cup of whole milk, blended with some frozen spinach

Post-workout (this is standard, I don’t actually like using protein powders often because of the price):
2 cups of whole milk with cinnamon

Large can of tuna in spring water
2 cups of brown rice
Mixed frozen veg, steamed
tomato and spring onions

large can of tuna in spring water
2 eggs, cooked in about 1tsp of olive oil
2 cups of brown rice
Mixed frozen veg, steamed
tomato and spring onions

Before bed snack:
1 large mandarine (tangerine I think in the states)

Yeah move on to phase 2, at your next plateau after that move on to Texas method

Starting Strength has a third phase as well @RampantBadger why would I skip that and got straight to TM?

Phase 1:
Deadlifts every training day

Phase 2:
Alternate Deadlifts and Powercleans

Phase 3:
Alternate Deadlift or Powercleans with Pull-ups/Chinups
Mon: DL
Wed: Chin-ups
Fri: PC
Mon: Pull-Ups
Wed: DL
Fri: Chin-ups etc

There’s no way you need 4000 calories at your strength and size.

Texas method reports back far better results of all the Rippetoe type templates. Not that big a deal tho can do phase 3 for few weeks if really want