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Switching Peri-Workout Supplements


I'm going to switch my peri-workout supps once my current supply runs out. My protocol is currently as follows:
- 2 scoops of whey, apple, 5g BCAAs (approx 15 mins preworkout)
- 5g BCAAs during workout
- 2 scoops whey, gatorade powder, creatine, 5g BCAAs (immediately post workout)

The new protocol will be as follows:
- Surge Workout Fuel (2 scoops)
- ANACONDA (1 scoop)
- MAG-10 (1 scoop)

I will be taking this as suggested by Biotest for the ANACONDA protocol.

My question is this - what should my protein intake be with this new protocol (amount and timing)? If I were taking 2 scoops of ANACONDA and MAG-10 instead of just one, I would likely not have any protein pre or post workout, but since I'm only going to take one scoop (due to cost reasons), should I maybe add one scoop of whey pre and/or post workout?

Any advice by someone using these supps would be appreciated!



I will be starting with Biotest periworkout nutrition when my package gets here too. I read on one of the livespills where Shugs said something about keeping Biotest peri workout nutrition pure, not adding anything like whey, then 60 mins after workout eat P+C meal. I plan to just have Surge Workout Fuel, FINiBAR, and MAG-10. I would also appreciate input from someone who has used these for a while now.


Thanks for the post man, I finally decided what to get and made my order today.

Went with finibars (1-2 half hour pre-workout), Surge Workout Fuel and MAG-10 (2 scoops of each just prior and during training). I'll likely throw in a whey shake 30-60 mins post-workout, then a meal 30 mins or so after that. I can't wait for the package to get here!

How are the supps working out for ya so far?


My first package was 1 bottle of Surge Workout Fuel and MAG-10. I was having 2-3 scoops of Surge Workout Fuel and 2 sccops MAG-10, I gotta say I loved it! Things don't burn like they used to and I feel like I can go forever. I was so impressed that I stocked up and ordered enough for my first semester. I have now been doing 2-3 Surge Workout Fuel, 2 MAG-10 and 1 ANACONDA. I feel great and am able to plow through workouts. I did get a box of FINiBARs just to try them but they are deadly, they taste too good.


I wanted ANACONDA, but I was pushing it with FINiBARs so went with MAG-10 since it's a bit cheaper. I'll likely substitue the MAG-10 for ANACONDA on my next order. I ordered 6 months worth of supps this time around so I'll have to wait a while hah. I wish I could just order monthly, but the shipping costs add up for us Canadians.


I am trying to convince my roommates to switch to Biotest. I just did another order where one roommate got some MD protein, I find shipping is easier when 2 or 3 order, this flat rate shipping is awesome. Also the crazy thing is I haven't had to pay customs on any of my last 3 orders!!!


SWF, MAG-10 and creatine.

Been using that for three months now and love it. Anaconda and my digestive track don't mix.


I think I lucked out because I have been taking ANACONDA without any discomfort. It is nice to have with the creatine and extra beta alanine. I did start out with Surge Workout Fuel and MAG-10, it was awesome on its own, Surge Workout Fuel is no joke. I think if it comes down to dropping something it would be ANACONDA. I was eating a FINiBAR pre workout, but I ran out and I miss them.


damn how did you luck out on that, I pay through the roof on customs


To be honest I am amazed, I am really happy though, we get fucked with taxes in Nova Scotia.