Switching Out the Press for the Viking Press

Due to me buying my first house with a garage, I’d like to start training from the garage. It’s a dream come true, even if it has some limitations. The bulk of my assistance work is WALRUS/bodyweight, the rest can be done with adjustable dumbell(s), landmine, dip bars, bands and the back extension.

However, the ceiling is pretty low at 7,7 feet (235 CM). I can fit in a rack that’s 7 feet (215 CM) and do chins without a problem. The press is an issue due to the fact that I’m 6’4 (194 CM). I can’t extend my arms with a loaded barbell.

The viking press:
I can however, extend my arms with an empty barbell. Which makes the viking press (with a landmine) a viable option. How do you guys feel about the viking press, is it a good substitute?

I would do seated OHP, or even better - the version where you sit on the ground and legs in front of you(very hard to stabilize and it engages core a lot).
Also, if you have a garage like in american movies, you also probably have a backyard or some space outside - you can always do OHP outside.
But do whatever is more comfortable for you, as exercises doesnt matter as much. Just progress on whatever exercise you can do :slight_smile:

I use #25 plates, but if you are stout you maý use a lot more plates than me. (I’m 6’4")

Viking press is fine. It lacks some of core stability work of a press. But that’s a minor point.
It’s much better than incline bench.

@hankthetank89 I did think about the seated OHP, but I’d really want to keep standing core stability in the movement; due to boxing. Outside could work, but I’m in the Netherlands which kinda sucks weather-based.

@bighdx Great idea! But, I seemingly have monkey arms. I can only use 5lbs plates and I’ll still hit the ceiling if I really go for it. :joy:

@carlbm I thought as much; I’m not against the incline press. But I’d really like to keep it standing- and overhead as long as possible.

Viking press is also more isolated, there is not much different in the core stability.
If you want core stability then sitting on the ground with legs in front of you will give 200% more than any other exercise.

starts at 3min mark