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Switching My Sleeping Schedule


Hey folks,

So here is the score.

I just got offered a new job today: 40hrs a week, Mon-Fri, 6am-2:30pm. The catch is that they want me to start on Monday, so I'm hoping you guys can suggest some tips on adjusting my sleep schedule in order to wake up at 5am and go to bed at 9pm in just 5 short days.


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Stay up a whole night, fall asleep at 9pm the next day, set your alarm for 5am the next day. I have a friend who works a swing shift, and he adjusts by staying up for over 24 hours to reset his body for the new schedule. Probably not the best solution, though.

Or you could just not be a pussy, and set an alarm (or three) for 5am on the first day.

What's your sleep schedule like now? Radically different from 9pm-5am?


Right now its usually 10am-2am, but I'm going to give what you said a try. Gonna go to bed at midnight tomorrow night and then just set my alarm for 5am and work on from that point.

Thanks for the advice!


Just shut up and do it.

geez. suck it up already


if you are sleeping from 10am to 2 am I'm guessing you are on a night shift, but dang, 16 hours a sleep a day? thats a lot. you are wasting your life lol.
But the good news is, from my experience, your body never really gets used to sleeping at day, so its rather easy to snap back into a 'normal' schedule.


A mite bitter perhaps?


I work 10 hr shifts Mon-Thurs 10pm -8am but I dont like sleeping my weekends away so that is what I do for the most part. i stay up Fri, might take a 2 or 3 hr nap at 4pm get up at 6 or 7 and see whats up for the night. sometimes Im in bed my 9 sometimes Im not. But I keep a normal scedual on the weekends and go back to nights during the week. But im use to it and dont sleep alot any way and never really had a problem waking up on my own. So I would try getting less sleep overall


I think it's a good idea to start getting up at 5 now, and begin practicing good sleep habits (dark room, no stimulants or exercise for several hours before bed, use the bed only for sleep and sex, no naps, etc).

Google "sleep hygiene," you'll get tons of info on optimal sleep behaviors.

Good luck!


Man I'm horrible. As far as the 10-2am thing is concerned, thats how much I am awake and not sleeping, but I read the original question wrong.


Thanks for the tips everyone, especially you OctoberGirl =)


You're not going to adjust in five days. Get your ass up and go to work every day on time, don't sleep late on the weekends, and soon enough you'll be falling asleep at 9pm every night.


I meant it with a smile and a shove in the back towards your intended direction.

good luck with your opportunity!


This is what I do in school. It works pretty well. Much easier if you have modafinil.


Ive woken up at 6am since I was like 8 years old (17 atm) it still sucks ass lol


Last year I used to sleep in whenever I could, now I can't sleep past six.


I assumed as much, while at the same time praying that I had not somehow arroused you wrath! =)


Try polyphasic.


If Im not mistaken should be the Bed :wink:

so coudnt help my self