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Switching, Low Reps To High Reps

It’s often suggested that one switch to high reps for a while after a period of working with low reps.

In light of today’s updated understanding of lifting, is this still necessary?

Does the switch from low reps to high reps apply only to bodyparts or all lifts?

For example, if I have been benching low reps for a few months and then switch to high reps, does this mean I can’t continue to train low reps for another bodypart?

Thanks for any feedback.

It’s preferable to switch the entire body, but I really can’t say whether just switching a few exercises would do the trick. The point of this is to shock the body with completely different parameters so there should be value either way.

On a side note, there’s far more wisdom in training with two different rep schemes throughout the week. One good method is to have 4 workouts per week - two heavy, two light. For example:

Mon 4x5
Tue 2x15

Thu 5x4
Fri 3x12


Mon 4x12

Wed 5x5

Fri 2x16


Mon 4x6

Wed 3x15

Fri 3x8

Because if you train only high rep for even a month, your strengh will drop drastically! You’ll have a hard time returning to your previous weights when you inevitably reintroduce low reps back into the routine. That’s why I always say that either you include some medium or low reps in the week or just don’t go to high up(like a whole cycle of 12+ reps).

But that’s just me and I worry about maintaining strength.