Switching IM to SC qQuestion

I have been 200mg/wk IM of t cyp, as well as HCG SC and an AI.

Overall TRT has been life changing, however have been chasing estrogen all over the place on the once a week, and only have a couple of day window each week, sometimes less, where there is no ED, good libido, energy etc, and everything is working well

Found a different doctor who is more up to date it seems on options for injecting so am switching to 2 times a week, possibly 3, SC, splitting the dose up accordingly.

Have just started this week SC, so my question is, how long should it take to get to an “ideal” therapeutic lvl on smaller more frequent doses SC versus the once a week IM. My last IM was a week prior to this past Monday, then I did a 1/3 of the 200mg Tcyp dose SC this Monday, another 1/3 today, and the last 3rd later in the week. So far I feel “okay” but libido and ED issues aren’t as good as when I have the small window middle of the week on the IM where things are good.

Are we talking a couple of weeks or less?

I have bloodwork coming up again in a few weeks, but was wondering what other people’s experiences going IM less frequently to SC more frequently were.

Thanks again for the great knowledge on this board. I have learnt a ton over the years and it has helped my journey on TRT immeasurably.