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Switching Gears/Programs

I need some help designing my next phase of training. I have one more BB show a month from now and I would like to change my training after that. I am familiar with all types of training however I need some help designing a program that would involve some strongman type of stuff. I have access to chains,bands, kettlebells,clubbells, gymnastic rings. I would like to include all that and some 1 arm db snatches heavy deads and so forth.

I would like to thicken up my traps, lats and legs in particular but in general I would like to get thicker overall. If any one could help me design a program or give me a sample week that worked for them I would really appreciate it.

My favorite squats and presses program.

Keep singles to about 5-6… and go heavy as fuck. You want failure to be breathing down the back of your neck.

Training Day 1:
Military Press Behind-Neck 3x12
Breathing Squat 1x20
Pullover 1x20
Bench Press 3x12
T-Rows 3x15
Stiff Dead lift + Shrug 1x15+10
Cheat Curls 3*8

Training Day 2:
High Pulls - 1x10, 3x5
Cleans or Snatches- 1x5, 2x3, singles
Hang Cleans or Hang Snatches- 5x5
Dead lift - 1x10, 2x5,
One-hand Snatch - strict singles
Dumbbell Clean and Press - 5x5, one hand at a time alternating
–(clean both weights, press left dbell, press right dbell repeat)

Training Day 3:
Incline Bench - 1x10, 2x5, limit singles to exhaustion
Push Press - 1x5, 2x3, limit singles to exhaustion
Jerk the same weight until it won’t leave your shoulders.
Front Squats - 1x10, 1x20, singles from the bottom of the rack (deadstop front squats)
Sumo Dead lifts or Rack Pulls - 5x5

I usually would use a MoWeFr or TuThSa
type scheduling. The days between I do work on paralletes or bagwork and abwork.

Well Good luck…