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Switching Gears Midcycle

When you start a cycle with harsh gear like Tren+Drol then switch to Mast+(low dose)Test+Primo, do you get some of your HPTA and raisin balls back to life, or since you’ve been shutdown from the Tren any useful amount of gear will keep you shut off anyway?

I know it was popular back in the day to start cycles with harsh androgens and finish them with mild anabolics but I haven’t seen anything about that on the boards, and many past cycle designs have been dropped like fake gear.

I guess it’s about the “dimmer” vs the “on/off switch” theory, though real life experience trumps any theory and would be much apprediated.

I don’t mean to be glib but I don’t have time like I used to so I’ll cut right to my advice. Read ALRI’s Building the Perfect Beast.

He uses a cycle approach based on what he reffers to as “layering” where one could for example use an “Absolute Androgenic Phase” and then overlap the last 7-10 days of the 20-30 day period one run the Absolute Androgenic Phase with an Anabolic Phase (aas with a strong anabolic vs androgenic ratio ie masteron, primo, var, npp) or an Absolute Anabolic Phase (hgh, slin, igf, mgf, and other neato peptides and or other anabolic otc supplements).

Ideally upon entering the last week to 10 days of your Anabolic Stage it would be wise to then layer in Either an Absolute Anabolic phase (assuming you use such compounds of course)and or you could just start your htpa recovery phase wich can probably be done in the most effective (and healthy) way with a test taper followed by bloodwork.

Or if one shows physical signs of post cycle depression like; low libido, lethargy, rapid muscular atrophy ect. then you would do an HTPA Recovery Phase and if you feel it’s necessary a Cortisol Suppression Phase.

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That’s some great answers guys, thanx.

“it does seem to me that in myself at least, stepping over to non 19Nor steroids offers some level of (for want of a better word) ‘desuppression’. Not so much ‘a step towards recovery’ of the HPTA, but more a stepaway from hightened suppression and testicular atrophy.”

That’s what I was thinking.

Kind of a taper before the real taper. P22 taper theroy makes more and more sense. There seems to be different levels of supressions.