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Switching from Test E to Sustanon250

Some punk broke into my car and stole my gymbag, long story short I do not have Test E anymore, so I will be using sustanon for the remaining 6 weeks, I was doing 500mg of test e twice a week, now I will do 250mg of sustanon EOD. What should I expect?

You should expect to stop leaving your gear in your gymbag.

Really? Is that all you can come up with? Dumb motherfucker.

What kind of a response do you expect from a stupid-ass post like this - your gains will only be 89.2% of what they would have been using the test E? You are a dumb mo-fo for leaving your gear in your gymbag where it could get stolen. Get lost.

Did your father beat you because you kept losing your shit? I’m switching esters who cares why?

Anything ester switching related, please post.

Youre digging it deeper


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500mg test E equates to 1000mg per week, 250 sust EOD equates to 750mg one week and 1000mg the other, so your on slightly less now.

I doubt you’ll notice any difference whatsoever.