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Switching from Test E to P End of Cycle

As the title suggests how do yous all do the switch from test e to p at the end of your cycle dosage and timing wise? I’m currently running 600mg test e split twice a week and in a few weeks I was considering making the switch to test p. Would I commence 150mg eod test p from the next time I was to be pinning test e or wait for a few days to let it drop from the system a bit considering prop peaks so fast?

I would start 3days after then do EOD. Prop is great.

3 days after last test e pin? Or 3 days after the day I’m ment to be pinning test e? Fuck that’s confusing haha

3days after last test e pin. Lol

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Lol thanks mate
In regards to endogenous test coming back online, is it less of a pain in the arse with test p as a pose to test e?

Not really, you will be shutdown no matter what. The ester isn’t what determines how hard you are shut down the drug itself does. The ester is just a timing thing . So the shorter the ester the faster you can begin recovery. Also duration of the cycle can determine how shut down you are as well as stress, diet, and training.

The recovery was what I was asking not degree of shut down.
That makes sense thank you

I’m glad someone else asked this question as I’ve been wondering about it too. :sweat_smile:

To add further, would it be better to go straight to the intended dose of Test P, or to ramp up the dose (say start from 75mg to 85mg to 95mg and so on until you hit your intended doseage) to try to keep test blood levels consistent as the E ester clears the system? Did some fiddling in Steroid Calc and it seems like it might be better to ramp up dosage because when you pin the intended P dose straight away the test levels spike hard.

I would have thought the same thing, I was just assuming that the spike wouldnt be too crazy as the test P hits the system. I just punched it into the steriod calc and it’s actually a pretty significant spike. I was planning on running 150mg eod so I might start with 75mg for the first 2 pins then go to 150mg from there. Also looks to be some pretty deep troughs aswell, might even be worth pinning every day.