Switching from Test Cypionate to Gel/Long Lasting Shot?

One more thing: You can never mimic natural test on TRT. Never. Natural production is pulsatile.
The most stable levels on TRT you will get with daily cypionate injections. For some people this is the best option, for others not. Topicals will give you more variation and some people enjoy that. Also the most experienced doxtors say topicals tend to increase hematology less than injectables. If HCT and HGB are an issue for you the compunded cream may be good for you.

But man really, if you feel optimized better dont touch anything. Really. And dont let the doctor screw you.

Thanks for all this. Well, the doc said it was impossible to get cypronate and I am now on Testogel…he never offered any cream. I am deeply skeptical :confused:

If you let him he will screw you.
What about enanthate or even sustanon? All better than gel

If Cypionate is truly impossible to get, how was the previous doctor getting it for you? Doesn’t make sense.

It’s already been said but… gel is very unlikely to be strong enough, unfortunately.

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Hi yes, sorry. So from what I understand so far, based on what i can gather, going to a Urologist/endocrinologist (not at a TRT clinic, you cannot get Cyp). However, when you approach private companies they can import the Cyp for you, mainly from America. I have found this to be a bit more expensive and has seemed a bit of a mess.

What about enanthate or sustanon? They are readily abailable in UK and way better than any gels

I think i am going to speak to the doctor about enanthate :slight_smile: