Switching from Test Cypionate to Gel/Long Lasting Shot?

Hi there,
I have recently switched health providers and the new doc isn’t such a fan of T cypionate, which I have been using twice weekly. He would rather I use gel/cream applied on the skin (his preferred route) or a long lasting shot, given once every 3-6 months.
My original Doc was pretty set on the cyp. shots being ideal and I am pretty skeptical about the alternatives as a result. Has anyone switched from cyp to either gels or the long lasting T-shots? Is anyone on Gels/the long lasting shots? I’d love to hear some thoughts

I think it is wrong for a new doctor to mess with a working protocol just because of personal preferences. I’m assuming your current protocol is working good for you? If so I would be adamant in my stance against such a change.

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Your doctor is totally wrong. Just cut him in any attempt to mess with your protocol if working fine! And this long lasting shot is one of the most terrible and ill working ways to do TRT.

Gels are garbage. However many people do well on compounded 20 percent scrotal cream, but most people need to apply it twice per day. If cypionate is working fine dont touch it! The more simple a protocol is usually the better.

Hmm I know. I was also speaking to someone in the UK where I am and they mentioned cyp wa hard to come by? Apparently the short acting choice is Propionate which needs more frequent dosing?

Good to know re: the gels and the long lasting injections. I was leaning toward teh long lasting shot. I will ask about staying on cyp but from what I gather in the UK propionate is the short-acting drug of choice. Do you know anything about the efficiency of propionate ?

I did not understand you. You live in UK?
You have all the options there - sustanon, enanthate and from short I know cypionate is available. Also you can get the cream from a Greek Pharmacy shipped to you I have their contacts. In fact after Brexit Im not sure how possible is that

Dude stop.

Millions take gel. I have prior. My dad is on androgel.

They’re not “garbage”. I got into the 700s TT on axiron.

You just explained one of the reasons they are garbage

The majority of people on TRT aren’t outside the ranges bro.

Not everyone needs 1200+ TT test levels. Hint: FT is what matters.

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Free t is what matter but the majority of people on t feel optimal above 1000.
And if the guy is optimal on injections advising him to switch on a gel is a terrible advice

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Says who? This website?

You give horrible advice. MANY MANY people use gel. Also, many use once weekly injection protocols.

MANY feel fine not being above 1000.

Stop giving “advice” in absolutes. It’s beyond annoying and also negligent.

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Apparently your view on TRT users is very narrow.
And ye gel is a total crap and I dont even see worthy explaining why. Anyway most of the people on this forum know very well why

The gel isn’t crap if you can get the level you need. It also mimics a natural release.

Your whole “TRT” advice centers around what you read online. Not real world experience.

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The gel is expensive, you risk contamination and cannot get your levels high.

You can do this mimicking much better with high concentration compounded cream. So the gel is crap


Many people get great results on gel. They just aren’t posting about it online. And these are likely the people who don’t want to inject. So it’s not “crap”.

Ive seen people on here have told you to stop posting your “advice”. It’s misleading as hell.

You’ve been giving crap advice since you started on this website. ALL long before you even injected. Now you’re an expert.

Good lord.

There really should be a disclaimer posted next to your name.

Hmm that is interesting. Annoyingly the results for the most recent bloodwork in the UK appear with different value ranges. the free T is 0/44 (normal range is 0.2-0.62). I wonder if that would correlate to being above 1000? (Excuse the naïvety)

The doctor never mentioned this cream…i’ll see what he says about it!

I guess the levels with the gel would be more stable given that it naturally mimics the natural release? Appreciate your input!

By 1000 we mean about the total testosterone in ng/dl. In UK you use nmol/l. So that would be around 36nmol/l.

You can ask the doctor but I bet he will not have heard it. If Im right you buy me one beer when you come to Sunny Beach or Borovets :smiley:

The cream will most likely be cheaper than the gel and you can get your levels higher with it. Also it boosts more DHT and most guys that have used it enjoy that.
I wouldnt like to use any topical for the limitations regarding not sweating, not bathing 1-2 hours after that and etc, but a lot of people Ive communicated with are very charmed by the cream. And the Greek pharmacy for sure compounds it well.

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