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Switching from Test Cyp to Test E

Hey guys ! New to this site , so forgive me of this ends up in the wrong place . My question has to do with injection pain , and the best way to deal with it . I’ve been injecting .75 cc (150 mg ) test cyp 200 every 6 days for about 12 weeks , with absolutely no pain . Injection is done in glutes with 1 inch 23g pin . Recently (last 2 injections) I’ve switched to Test e 250 . First injection was a mix of the both , .3 of test cyp , and .4 of test e . My glute was extremely sore for about 4 days following , nothing crazy . Then my most recent injection was about 24 hours ago . .7 test e 250 in other glute . The injection was painless , however about 12 hours after injection I got insanely sore in the very top of my calves behind my knees on both sides … I have Difficulty straightening my legs all the way , and I mode definitely can’t pull my toes up towards my shins if I straighten my legs . One day prior to my shot , I worked out legs , and I went pretty hard on calves , and laying leg curls but this is a feeling I’ve never felt before . I have a very high tolerance for pain , but the fact is even walking is difficult at the moment . Anyone have a similar experience? Or have any idea what might be happening ? What’s the best way to go about it … ice ? Or heat and stretch ?
Thanks !

Is this with pharma gear or UGL?

Valkyrie Test E 250 . … the calf pain is definitely from the workout . It’s getting much better by the day . Injection site is still very sore . I’m probably just not following proper injection protocol . I wasn’t massaging it , warming oil , or injection site . So question … if I didn’t rub it in , and it wound up balling up . Will it still absorb ?

Yes. not much of a massage is needed. I just use an alcohol pad. Good gear shouldnt hurt that bad.

Like I said though . The problem with my calves was definitely workout related . The pain isn’t THAT bad . It’s just sore to the touch . I injected in glute , so when I sit with too much weight on sight there’s pain . It’s been 3 days since shot .

Slight soreness is normal. As long as the injection site doesnt show signs of infection you will be ok My best advise, toughen up buttercup lol

Not complaining , just my first time on . I shot 10 injections of cyp with no pain whatsoever , then switched over to test e and the pain started . Just making sure it’s normal .

You might be reacting to the oil suspension. It’s probably different than the oil suspension for the Cyp you were using.