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Switching From Test C to Test E Midcycle

Hi, I’m about 3 weeks into my second cycle.

I’m almost out of my 250mg/week Test-Cypionate and have the option to purchase Test-C or Test-Enanthate to finish my planned 10 week cycle.

I have heard people prefer Test-E over Test-C sometimes…

Should I stay with the Test-C for the remainer or try Test-E?

I appreciate any replies.

It makes zero difference. As far as you’ll be able to tell E and C are practically interchangeable.

I was on T Cypionate (for TRT) for years and then one day looked at my bottle and it said T Enanthate. I called the clinic and asked why they changed it and she said “we changed it 6 months ago” so I literally didn’t notice anything. Now I’m on a compounded combination of the two and don’t feel any different. So like @iron_yuppie said, you won’t feel any difference.

Alright, thanks for the info.

I also switched to test e and I can’t tell a difference.