Switching from Synthroid to Desiccated Thyroid

I switched from .088 synthroid several months ago. When I made the change my TSH was 1.16 and for the first two weeks I felt amazing. I switched to what was supposed to be an equivalent dose of 3/4 grain.
I have since increased dosage every 6 weeks and started on 13/4 grain this week. All natural desicated dosages split into two doses of A.M. and P.M. Morning temps are 97.5-98.6
10-31-14 TSH 1.16 on .088 synthroid
12-05-14 TSH 3.44 on 3/4 grain armour
01-14-15 TSH 2.64 on 1 grain armour switched to 11/4 nature thyroid because of heartburn from armour.
03-10-15 TSH 2.57 on 11/4 grain nature throid
04-21-15 TSH 2.20 on 11/2 grain nature throid
05-08-15 increased to 13/4 grain nature throid.
Has anyone else needed a lot more of the natural thyroid over the synthetic?
T3 uptake 27 range 24-39.---------- Was 33 on synthroid
T3 free not tested
T4 4.8 range 4.5-12. ----------------- Was 7.8 on synthroid
Free thyroxine 1.3 range 1.2-4.9 —was 2.6 on synthroid
All of my ranges were better when taking just the synthetic T4, doesn’t make any sense.

I’ve been hashi’s/hypo for 25 years now. My thyroid is 100% non functional.

I take 90MG Armour and 75mcg Synthroid. I did not do well on each individual drug. Others report good results using only Armour. I never felt well on Armour alone.

Another thing that helps. I chew up the Armour completely. Then drink a full glass of water. Rinsing the Armour from my teeth and swallowing it. For some reason, I absorb it better this way.

There was some talk about Armour containing more T3 than is normal and less “T4” than is normal for humans. Hence my combination. It works quite well for me.

I always suggest that one monitor their body temperatures as per the thyroid basics sticky and use temperatures as a dosing guide to normalize body temperatures. I think that you are under medicated. Your TSH should be near zero, however, many need to push TSH near zero to feel right.