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Switching from Sustanon to Testoviron

I use very moderate doses of testosterone just for a slight reduction in body fat and toning - and libido boost! I try to use Sustanon when it’s available - just one 250mg injection every couple of weeks, but sometimes I can only get Testoviron (I’m currently in Colombia) which is a prop/enth mix. Previously I’ve had problems switching where I’ve completely lost of sex drive for a couple of weeks and eventually it has balanced out. Does anyone know what I did wrong? I have two vials of Sustanon left. Can anyone suggest a schedule I might follow to switch to Testoviron smoothly? Note my low doses, I’m not really building just yet.

With Testoviron the optimal split would be no fewer than two injections per week. If it’s Testoviron 250 then twice a week should be ok (not how us pharma guys would use it, but it’ll be good enough for the trt crowd).

To echo what @iron_yuppie said, more frequent. Sustanon is 4 esters, and decanoate is a longer ester than enanthate. So while every 2 weeks works fine for many with Sustanon, enanthate is going to dictate at minimum once a week, probably twice a week is better even though it dilutes the effect of the prop.

Thanks for the quick response! Are you guys suggesting I transition to a permanent dose of minimum 1 a week of Testoviron? Or just while I’m switching? And how should I spread out my last two vials of Sustanon? I took 0.25ml of that today.

My concern about high doses of Testoviron is I once took a few full vials over the course of two weeks and I lost my sex drive and couldn’t get hard. I got bloods done and saw and endocrinologist and both my T and my Estradiol were ridiculously high. He told me not to go overboard with the Testoviron again. So I gotta strike a balance between a smooth switch over from Sustanon to Testoviron without going under or over - made both mistakes by relying on guess work and the results are pretty excruciating.

It is obviously individual how we react to these esters. My experience is, on Sustanon 250 once every two weeks my trough level was 476 Total T (I think, maybe 479). Lab range was up to 1100 I think. Same lab, 185mg a week of just enanthate puts me low to mid 800’s (I have labs from 820 to 840 at this). 250mg (The whole amp, I am usually in Nicaragua and they come 250/2mL) put me at 2100 Total T. Same lab for all tests.

Ok I follow, kinda haha. I wish you could get Sustanon in Colombia. I had no problems in Mexico but here, on Testoviron, I have problems every time I arrive and have to go on it again.

I typically have the option of Sustanon, Cypionate, or Enanthate depending on which pharmacy I walk into in Nica (One also has Tren, I am told, but I haven’t gone there as I don’t have any interest in doing anything like that). I have a scrip in the US, where I get Cypionate. It all comes from German owned labs in Guatemala.

Plenty of choices. Hmm. Maybe if I finish this vial of Sustanon this week…then take one Testoviron a week…and use up my last Sustanon vial in two weeks then hopefully the Testoviron will have built up and stabilised by the time the Sustanon wears off? I could obviously see the Endocrinologist again but it’s expensive and he’s also reluctant to give me guidance on this because in my case it would be classified as performance enhancing and apparently that’s illegal here. In addition, he upsold me a Doppler on my testicles which I later realised was a waste of money and he tried to get me to get an expensive dihydrotestosterone test so I think some medics are just trying to rinse the foreigners :laughing:

They are. I think the level of care is better in Colombia. I’d do a surgery myself before I’d let a local doc touch me in Nica - and that’s 100% serious 0% joking.

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Yeah it’s pretty good, generally. Never been to Nicaragua. Do you think spacing my last two Sustanon out over two weeks might do the trick, as I introduce the Testoviron? I knew nothing about esters when I switched before, so I literally stopped the Sustanon then picked it up again with Testoviron 2 weeks later, at two intervals, and I crashed for a good week or two.

I think that I would run the Sustanon normal, and then start once a week when you would normally take the next shot of Sustanon. So, if you inject every two weeks now, two weeks after the last Sustanon shot I would take 125mg of Testoviron and see how I am 4 days later. I would be every 10 days if I went back on Sustanon, and I run 185mg a week of Cypionate or Enanthate. So, you’ll kind of have to play it by ear to dial in the dose. If going to high screwed me up sexually, I would ease up my dose real carefully.

Okay great, thanks. Yeah, I’ve been in trouble going low and high before and obviously high took way, way longer to resolve itself - particularly because I’d been messing around with Nebido/undecanoate too. I had no sexual function for months. So half a vial over 4 day intervals makes sense. I actually took half a vial of Testoviron this week. It knocked my libido out within 3 days until I took 0.25 Sustanon this morning then it came back and I decided I really ought to consult here before I go any further.