Switching from Low Dose to High Dose

Hi guys,
currently i am on an oral kind of trt i-e testosterone undecanoate 40 mg capsules brand name is andrex it is like androxon/andriol.An endocrinologist put me on it.
Now when he prescribed them to me he said to take 4 capsules a day 2 at morning and 2 in evening but at that time i was afraid of its side effects like that sleep apnoea and bla bla.

so before even starting medicine i lied to him that this gives me pain and shit(due to my fear) and by my expectations he lowered the dose to 3 capsules a day 2 at morning and 1 in evening but now its been 10 days but i am not feeling much difference, in other words now i think lowering dose was not a good idea.

So now i think to higher it to 4 caps but dont know after taking 3 caps for 10 days would it be ok to take 4 as many says starting dose should be high and then after a week or two lower it but my case is opposite so now i dont know what is good.can anyone provide a better opinion please.thanks